Iran Veterinary Organization Photo and Film Festival

Tehran 6 – 9 October 2017
Since 6th of October, is the Veterinary National Day in Iran, Iran Veterinary Organization (IVO) in cooperation with Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting and Cinema Government of Iran intends to hold a Photo and Film Festival from 6-9 Oct. 2017. Introducing the veterinary profession and emphasizing on  the importance of animal health and animal products hygiene  and food security is the final goal of this festival requiring  familiarizing with animal farming, related industries sanitary issues in supplying animal derived products. The following subjects are considered in this festival:
1 - The Importance of animal health.
2 – The importance of control and eradication of animal diseases on public health and food security on the following fields:
·         Large animal farming (cattle, sheep, goat, camel ….)
·         Poultry farming
·         Apiculture
·         Aquaculture
·         Pets
3 – Animal welfare
4- New development in Veterinary Medicines
5- Economy and veterinary medicine
IVO is seeking its main objective of animal diseases control , prevention and eradication, guaranty food security, increase of nomadic farmers and villagers  income ,relying on Iranian and foreign artists capabilities, and converting Iran into a reliable spearhead for scientific, cultural and cinematic aspects of veterinary medicine. This nationwide festival is to be held for 4 days using cultural centers, cinemas and also IVO facilities all over Iran.
The domestic photographs and films will compete to be selected for demonstrating but foreign photographs and films are to be presented directly to viewers.

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