Veterinary Organization of I. R. Iran

The Iran Veterinary Organization (IVO) was established in 1924 upon a Rinderpest outbreak imposing a heavy loss to the animal farmers .Beholden to widespread networks all over the country (31 Provincial General Directorates and 747 offices & units), technical capabilities and committed personnel, IVO accomplishes its legal  mission.


IVO infrastructure

IVO is the Iranian competent authority in the field of animal health and raw animal derived product hygiene. With almost 6000 employees the main objectives are:

To secure animal health and welfare and public health.

To control animal derive products hygiene.

To prevent, control and campaign against animal diseases.

To pave the way for entering into global markets, sustainable development and investment in animal farming sector via conducting required health measures.

Pursuing the world Animal Health Organization and to align with modern technologies, IVO has implemented GIS based Animal Disease Surveillance System through the country along with Integral Quarantine System and focused on the development of the legal basis of veterinary operations . The above systems have been tailored according to the domestic status and geographical position of Iran. Please find the organizational chart of IVO in central and provincial levels

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